The Experience

We build the pub and our evening around your brand, your goals and your guests. Every experience is personalized and unique. No two events are the same.

How it works

Prior to the event

Let us create custom marketing collateral to help fill your virtual pub with the guests you'd most like to join.

Need help with landing pages, promotional videos, marketing copy? No problem, we'll do them all for you.

Two weeks prior to your event we'll ship an exclusive Whiskey Kit directly to your guests..

On the night

Using your Zoom/Microsoft Teams/Google Hangout link or ours, we'll meet in the Virtual Irish Pub at the designated time to share stories, sips and maybe even a song as Barry Chandler leads the guests through an entertaining, informative and light-hearted tour of Ireland and taste of its remarkable whiskeys.

From whiskey novice to Master Distiller, all guests are made feel at home and welcome as Barry invites everyone to join him on a virtual tour of Ireland, its culture, its history and its extraordinary whiskeys.

Do you have some VIP guests you'd like us to call out, hero or make feel extra special during the event? Just us know and we'll make them feel like the event was created just for them!

Guests will learn what Irish whiskey is and isn't, what differentiates it from Scotch and Bourbon, how to taste it, what flavors to look for, the rich history of Ireland and America's partnership and emigration and the stories of the people, places and passion that make Ireland, the Irish and their whiskey so beloved the world over.

Most importantly, they'll laugh, they'll sip, they may even sing and they'll leave the pub wondering when they can do it all again.

It's an experience like no other

The Irish whiskey experience is an immersive, sensory and interactive experience with all guests engaging with questions, comments, feedback and thoughts on the whiskey and Ireland. Barry answers every question posed by guests throughout the evening and ensures that everyone has had the most incredible Irish experience - even while participating from home.