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The companies we've welcomed in to our virtual pub

Award-Winning Host

Let Barry Chandler, genuine Irishman, Icon of Whisky award winner, creator of "The Story" Irish Whiskey and host of America's largest Irish Whiskey Club & Community, guide you and your guests through an evening of stories, sips and song. When travel is difficult and getting together with clients to build relationships has become more difficult, there's only one solution - we'll bring an Irish whiskey pub to you, virtually.

A Complete Solution

Marketing Support with Videos & Landing Pages

Rapport & Relationships Built

Custom-designed Experiences

All Supplies, Shipping & Tracking taken care of

What our guests say

"I'm not sure any event I do will top this."
“I’ve been doing corporate events for close to 37 years and this was the best event I’ve ever been to in person or much fun.”
“Thanks Barry.. it was a great time and you are an amazing host.”
“Exactly the type of event we needed....a celebration of the it.”
“I can’t tell you how great this was...I’ve been through a rough few months and this was just perfect timing..I laughed a ton and enjoyed great company....THANK YOU!”
“My husband and I have attended many whiskey tasting events, at different locations, with different brands. I can honestly say, Barry's events are the most informative and most enjoyable we've ever attended!”